Chrissi Rix at Woman’s Wellbeing, Norwich

Found yourself at a crossroads, feeling more meh than magnificent? Go-to guru Chrissi Rix and her Woman’s Wellbeing wraparound package is all about rediscovering your inner (and outer) sparkle.

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Life’s twists and turns can leave us well and truly in need of a reset, but when bubble baths and early nights won’t do the trick, sometimes we need to ask for a helping hand to get back on track. That’s where Chrissi Rix comes in.

A sought-after local fashion stylist and image consultant, she’s been empowering women to feel fabulous for 30 years, learning how to reignite our spark and help us overcome daunting hurdles along the way. Through her Woman’s Wellbeing business, Chrissi has become a guiding light for women who have reached junctures in life and could do with carving out some dedicated mental space and proper me-time.

At the heart of Chrissi’s approach is an understanding that how we feel starts from within. Her accredited tool-kit combines hypnosis and counselling therapy with optional image consultancy (think colour analysis, shape styling, make-up and skincare know-how), unravelling emotional knots and mental barriers, and building self-awareness, self-love and confidence instead.

Whether it’s face-to-face sessions or virtual meet-ups, Chrissi tailors programmes around how you feel – be it dealing with anxiety, upping self-confidence, reducing stress, tackling insomnia and much more.

It’s easy to trudge on when everything feels a bit flat, but Chrissi is primed and prepped to help you make real positive change – you’ll be feeling back to your fabulous self in no time. 

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