Hi, I’m Nancy, your editor of Muddy Stilettos Norfolk and I can’t wait to bring you the latest and greatest in the county.

Confession time: I can’t even walk in a pair of stilettos, no matter how pristine. Wedges may be my limit, but that doesn’t stop me putting in the legwork around our county to bring you this trusted guide to the unmissable, exciting, and new.

Norfolk born and bred, I spent seven years in London on national magazines including Red and The Mail on Sunday’s You, but the magnetic pull of this county drew me back when I started my family, as happens to so many of us elopers! It’s unsurprising really, as Norfolk has so much to attract a girl, whether you hanker after expansive beaches, big open skies (that phrase should be copyright) and unspoilt countryside or are enticed by its thriving independent scene, chic market towns and swoon-worthy stately homes. After all, if its good enough for the Queen, right?!

Back home in Norwich, my journalistic career continued and I became editor of Norfolk Magazine before the kids (and our menagerie of pets) arrived and I turned to freelance work.

I’m really excited to uncover and share with you those awesome experiences, foodie hotspots, incredible independent shops and unforgettable events. Quirky, unique, wild, creative and independent, Norfolk isn’t on the way to somewhere else – it is the destination.

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Ps. This is the Muddy Mantra, so you know what to expect from Muddy Norfolk:

  1. I try everything out myself so that you can fully trust my opinions. On the occasions that I haven’t been somewhere myself, I let you know that’s the case.
  2. I don’t write advertorial. This means I will never accept payment to write about something I don’t believe in.
  3. I accept tickets to free shows, festivals, restaurants, events etc with the purpose of reviewing or publicising them on Muddy Stilettos, as I’m sure you appreciate it’s pretty expensive zipping around trying stuff out all the time. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars – if you want me to try you out, please get in touch at nancy.wedge@muddystilettos.co.uk
  4. I’ll never write a nasty review. I’m not into trashing people, brands or companies. But if you’re not good enough, I won’t write about you in Muddy Stilettos, regardless of whether I have paid for the experience or not. This gives me the editorial control I need and the trust that my readers demand.
  5. Muddy Stilettos is a commercial site and accepts advertising and payment to feature products and brands. However, we believe passionately in only working with brands that share our ethos and are relevant to our readers. We retain editorial control and independence at all times.

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Nancy x