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  • Grab up to 40% off Turquoise Family Holidays!

      I’ve lost track of the number of friends who’ve experienced grey, soggy staycations this summer and have sworn to go in search of guaranteed sunshine next time. Then there’s the ones who went en vacances to Europe and frittered away an absolute fortune thanks to the pound being dans la toilette. So with this […]

  • What’s on this Month

    SEPTEMBER 2017

    • Woof – the idiots guide to owning a dog

      I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting a family dog for a while but am absolutely clueless when it comes to pets – up until now I’ve only just about managed to look after my four-year-old child, let alone any extra household creatures. But April is National Pet Month so it seems a timely moment […]

    • 7 stunning candles for Mother’s Day

      Being a highly fragrant bunch here at Muddy Stilettos, Norfolk, we love a good bath, glass of vino and flickering candle – and we think they make a brilliant Mother’s Day gift for this Sunday (you had remembered, right?) Here’s our edit of the Muddy favourites (from top to bottom, left to right):

      • 5 ideas for Mother’s Day

        She taught you how to tie your shoe laces, baked cakes for your birthdays and wiped the tears away when the first boy hurt you… mum’s are the support system that keeps on giving. Even if you think it’s commercial hooey, Mother’s Day serves to remind us of everything they do for us, and lets us […]

      • Alternative, fromage-free ideas for Valentine’s Day

        Whether you’re a single pringle, a newly-wed, a seasoned wife or in the throws of a new relationship, there’s plenty going on in Norfolk (and beyond) to mark Valentine’s Day without resorting to the usual commercial cheese-fest. If you’re looking for something a bit less traditional and a bit more fun, here are some alternative Valentine’s ideas that […]

        • Special Muddy deal on forest holidays

          In a dry January when the weather has turned totally pants and half-term break feels forever away, I take solace by gorging myself on potential holidays. Hot summer holidays in exotic climes with Rufus Sewell (if he’ll only stop moaning on and on about how he desires me), cool city breaks, gorgeous cottages in rugged climes […]

        • Happy Christmas Norfolk!

          Well it’s been a blast this year! Thank you so much for reading Muddy in 2016 – there ain’t no blog without you, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support. I am now officially, totally knackered, so I’m hanging up the stilettos until the New Year and assuming the foetal position in front of […]

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