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  • Sunny Afternoon Tour

    The Kinks - as we remember them

  • The big panto round up

    I’ve forced Widow Twanky to sit me down well in advance and tell me exactly what’s going on the world of Dick double-entredres, thigh-slapping and he’s-behind-yous for this year’s panto round up, both here and in the capital – because one panto isn’t always enough. And here it is, the definitive panto list- oh yes […]

  • Did you win?

      You entered in the hundreds to win tickets to attend the opening night of the Northern Ballet’s version of Beauty and the Beast at Theatre Royal – and who can blame you! Entries closed at 5pm yesterday and the answers have now been verified. I can reveal that the winners of a pair of […]

  • Muddy reviews: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    It’s just a jump to the left… And then a step to the ri ri ri ri right. Put your hands on your hips, then bend your knees in twi-ice… Memories of high school discos come flooding back when I hear The Time Warp (not wishing to give my age away!) – and who didn’t want […]

  • Muddy reviews: Wild Life, Norwich Playhouse

    For me, performance art can go either way: brilliant and moving or bonkers and a bit, well, meh, which is why I tend to rely on music or singing to put the performance firmly in the ‘brilliant’ category. But what if there was a hybrid between music and performance art? Now that would be interesting… Meet Wild Life, a part-performance-part-singing collaboration between Pol Heyvaert […]

  • Muddy reviews: Tap Factory

    My love of tap began when I was seven years’ old. Those white ribboned shoes with their block of shiny steel underneath fascinated me – they were pretty AND they made a noise. A lot of noise. I remember wanting to run down the street in them on the way out of Toys R Us but they […]

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