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The Mindful Cook – Food Coaching

Muddy says: Fed up of spending money on diets, juices or weight-loss clubs only to be back where you started? Josie Buck believes that long term health and weight loss is about Mindset, and this is where she can help.

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So many of us are sold on promises like weight loss without hunger and quick fix health solutions that don’t cost the earth, but the sad truth is that so very often these approaches don’t work, and we end up in a worse place than where we started – with the added disappointment of feeling like a failure!

Most off the shelf and packaged weight loss products have a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to the needs of thousands, and the sad reality is, that is never going to work.

Josie is a food mindset coach who believes that achieving good health and a better relationship with food, whether it be weight loss or improved lifestyle habits, is about mindset. In order to achieve your goals LONG TERM you need to go a bit deeper into the ‘whys’, understand more about what might be tripping you up and get the knowledge and tools to help you succeed FOREVER!

Mindset coaching is a one-to-one approach to help you to get intentional about your lifestyle choices. Josie works with you to understand how your current thought patterns might be affecting your relationship with food, get you to set goals for the future and empower you achieve them, Sound good? Get in touch!

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