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Palm & Sole Skincare Deli

Muddy says: Want your beauty products organic and fuss-free? Want something tailor-made for your skin? Look no further than Palm & Sole

Launched by clinical and complementary Aromatherapist – and innovator – Kathy Webb in 2014, The Palm & Sole Skincare Deli is a sensory beauty store for skin, body and mood, situated on Bridewell Alley in Norwich’s pretty lanes.

Created to nurture from the outside in, Kathy offers a range of services, including off-the-shelf, Kathy Creates products (a bespoke blend-to-order service), Home Beauty Pantry workshops – where you can learn how to make beauty products using items in your kitchen cupboards – and a variety of events.

Kathy creates, develops and hand-blends products using natural, active ingredients designed to calm body and mind, as well as hydrate and balance the skin. Where possible, organic and locally-sourced products are used to create small batches of products with a six month to 2.5 year shelf life; simple tops ensure little wastage.

This sensory beauty range features a host of aromas and textures to ‘support the systems that support your skin’, including warm oil massage candles, three-in-one cleansers, body/mood whips, multi-functional balms and serums.

On 17 May, Kathy will run an interactive beauty event to help increase awareness of Alzheimers; in July, she will launch her Facial Serum Cocktail Bar, personalised blended serums to suit your skin type.

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