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WIN: A bottle of Norfolk Gin

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Feeling supersonic; give me Gin ‘n’ Tonic!

Whether it’s served with just an ice cube or two, doused in Schweppes or the predominant part of a sophisticated cocktail, you can’t beat a glass of gin – particularly in the summer.

To celebrate this fabulous alcoholic drink that has been loved for decades (and has been making a comeback for years), Muddy Stilettos has teamed up with independent and local gin producer Jonathan to give you lovely readers the chance to win a bottle of his handcrafted gin.

For starters, just look at this lovely bottle – once the gin has gone, would you throw this away? Absolutely not! (I’m thinking a couple of bright Gerberas in there for starters).

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Jonathan has been hand-crafting gin in a small studio in Norwich for just over a year now; in that short time, his lovely bottles have been taken up by over 50 Norfolk-based hotels, pubs and restaurants and over 20 independent, family-owned businesses, where customers can buy it by the bottle.

Created in batches of 24, each bottle is hand marked with its individual batch and bottle number; the stone bottles reflect the origins of the gin itself, while the gorgeous design was created by Kerry of Polska Design.

Need I say more? Quite…

Retail price: £40.


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