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Meet Michelle Jermy


Rarely do I meet a woman who has done so much with her life, but then Michelle Jermy is no ordinary woman. Academic, lecturer, fitness instructor and presenter, Michelle can now add ‘award-winning author’ to her long list of talents with the launch of her brilliantly frank (and frankly brilliant) – new book Pilates for Better Sex.

It’s a subject many would shy away from – seeing it as too racy or taboo for mainstream publishing – but it’s also a subject that’s oh so important when it comes to self esteem and keeping a marriage alive. More importantly, this woman is super bendy – I couldn’t even get into some of these positions, let alone get off in them! *Kudos*


Published both here and in Canada in the first half of this year, this book has already garnered so much attention that it can currently be seen on the new series of Four in a Bed – the show where B&B owners snoop around, and grade, other people’s properties.


But unlike a lot of the self-published authors on the circuit, Michelle didn’t simply wake up one day and decide to write a book.

“I’m from an academic background,” she admits. “My masters is in Exercise Medicine and my degree in Sports Science. This took me into Cardio Rehabilitation – tailoring exercise for patients who had had heart attacks and strokes. Several couples started to ask me when they could have sex again and – rather than sweep the comment under the carpet – I would answer honestly to help them. This gave me an idea…”

Michelle began to run a ladies-only Pilates class in different community spaces around Norfolk. During sessions, the girls would joke about the positions that they were able to get into and giggle about their ‘lucky husbands’.


“’50 Shades of Grey’ became ’50 Positions from MJ’,” laughs Michelle. “What started as a class to reduce weight and feel good became a lesson in how to put the ‘va va voom’ back in the bedroom. That’s how the book was born.”

Rather than getting the typewriter out straight way, Michelle realised that – having never written a book before – she would need some help and signed up for a Book Camp.

“The Book Camp gave me a blueprint for my idea,” says Jermy. “A structure that I can now take away with me and adopt for future publications. But, even with this tool in hand, I was still conflicted on the style when I started to write – the academic side of me wanted to write about muscles and technical stuff; the creative side wanted to be more playful.”

In the end, Michelle sought advice from her class of ladies – who helped shaped the book from the start (Michelle would email sample chapters out for honest feedback, a brave move but one that will have paid dividends) – and went for a more innovative, relaxed approach. “This was definitely the right direction as it helped the book flow,” she says.


Michelle, who has been running classes in her own space, The Core Studios, for two years now, has also continued on the lecturing circuit – giving highly-regarded presentations on diet, self esteem and exercise to audiences both here and in the States.

She has also since written articles for – of all things – a Christian magazine (on intimacy) and a wedding magazine on how to enjoy your first night as husband and wife.

During my long chat with Michelle (she is soo easy to talk to), lots of lovely anecdotes come out about her work, including one where she asks a lady how long it has been since she has enjoyed sexual relations with her husband… “Three months,”  comes the reply. “I wanted a new coat!” [insert extended period of silence here]

So, what next for Michelle Jermy?

“I’m re-launching my website and hope to have that live at the end of the month. I’m also looking to write a new book based on my online presentations: The 28-day Self Love Diet and 28 Days to a Happier, Healthy You, as well as a book called Single and Ready to Mingle to help those that are dating analyse the type of person they are looking for while also realising their self worth.

It doesn’t stop there: Michelle is also toying with the idea of running Passionate Pilates Workshops and Retreats, and has an idea to add a ‘Love Couch’ to a section of a TV programme where she gives sexual advice to people over the phone. Are you listening Loose Women?

All this with the wonderful recurring theme that – through diet and exercise – good sex is possible at any time or stage of life, no matter how busy you are. There should be more women like this out there.


Pilates for Better Sex is available on Amazon priced £24.99.


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