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Try Toronto for a city break

5 Nov 2016

Toronto might not be top of the list for North American city breaks – I mean, there’s New York just down the coast (well, quite a way down but, y’know), or DC with its museums a bit further down still; there’s West Coast cities like Seattle and Vancouver with the ocean and the mountains, and Montreal with its French vibe and nightlife. And then there’s Toronto, with its CN Tower – tallest freestanding structure in the world, doncha know – and well, and…  um…

The thing is, I think Toronto is a perfect city to visit. 

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I *HEART* New Zealand

4 Mar 2016

New Zealand is one of those enviable countries that has absolutely everything – snow-capped mountains, deserted beaches, countryside, cool cities, wildlife, good looking locals, great food and national parks. To make it worse, it’s super safe and friendly too – totally worth the gruelling flight.

Our very lucky Hero of Muddy Oxon/Bucks fame ( visited over Christmas and New Year and has produced a fully comprehensive round up of what not to miss – you’re welcome.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Norfolk Edition