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Muddy tries: a great kids’ art class

10 Jan 2017

Imagine a place where your kids can be let loose on guillotines, paint, scissors, wire cutters, marker pens and double-sided sellotape while you sit and chat with other parents, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to them (and that they are having the arty time of their lives).

Imagine still a place where the walls can (and should be) written on, where aprons and hot soapy water are provided and where there’s no clearing up to be done afterwards.

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Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

27 Jun 2016

If ever you’re stuck for something to do with children, remember this mantra: they love animals more than they love you! While that isn’t strictly true (*cough), their love of fluffy, noisy, canter-y (and sometimes downright smelly) things is second to none – put your child in front of anything half resembling an animal (even a pig) and a great day is guaranteed.

Fully aware that our weekly routine of shoving our kids in a sunny beer garden with a slide on a Sunday afternoon had run its course, my friend and I decide to take them for a *proper* day out, animals and ice-cream and all.

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Take 10 beaches…

2 Jun 2016

Despite the deluge of rain that has kindly soaked Norfolk this week, the weekend weather is set to hot up (honest, governor). If you’re thinking of  hitting what Norfolk does best – the beach – on Saturday or Sunday make sure you choose wisely (with over 30 beaches in North and East Norfolk alone, it’s a harder decision than you might think).

Here’s our round up of the best beaches to head to, whether you’ve got toddlers, kids, dogs or an affliction to sand in your sandwiches.

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Top 10 chapter books for children

30 Mar 2016

Continuing our celebration of International Children’s Book Day on Saturday, here are the top 10 chapter books for children, courtesy of Muddy Stilettos Surrey.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone JK Rowling

No list of children’s books is complete without Harry Potter. Being among the original Harry Potter generation, I may be a little biased but I’ve seen so many non-readers converted by this wonderful series (including my husband!) J.K.

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Top 10 picture books for children

30 Mar 2016

It’s International Children’s Book Day on Saturday and our lovely Amber from Muddy Stilettos Surrey asked a local independent bookstore to name its top 10 picture books – here are the results:

What the Ladybird Heard Julia Donaldson (author) and Lydia Monks (illustrator)

A storytime favourite. Super villains Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len hatch a plot to steal the prize cow and only the ladybird can save the day!

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Down on the farm

11 Feb 2016

Let’s face it: taking kids out for the day is often a selfless task with little enjoyment for parents (who can say they honestly enjoy pulling over-excited children out of a ball pit or mopping up gloopy chocolate ice-cream?). So when I come across something that is fun for both parties, I do a little internal dance before telling everyone I know – parents or otherwise.

Wroxham Barns is one of those rare finds that makes everyone happy, with its crafty emporium (parents), crazy golf (kids), deli (parents), mini train (kids), restaurant (parents), junior farm (kids) and café (both).

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