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On my soapbox: being healthy shouldn’t be a status symbol

24 Jan 2017

OK, it’s time to clamber back onto my soapbox. Actually, can you just bear with me while I do three sets of tricep dips off it first? As is the drill in January, I’m using this relatively quiet time of year, undistracted by mulled wine and stilton, to ramp up my health and fitness. Eating a bit less, moving a bit more, trying to jiggle into my lycra leggings which I’m sure didn’t feel tighter than clingfilm this time last year.

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Try one of 8 great Norfolk spas

17 Jan 2017

Spas… what’s not to love? Whether it’s an hour at a day spa or a week-long relaxing retreat, having your troubles massaged away before sitting in a bubbly bath is the stuff of nectar. Why, then, do so few women factor it into their lives like they do a trip to the hygienist or a spot of retail therapy? Research suggests that time constraints and feelings of guilt (“I don’t deserve to be pampered”) are two of the main reasons cited.

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Meet Michelle Jermy

18 Oct 2016

Rarely do I meet a woman who has done so much with her life, but then Michelle Jermy is no ordinary woman. Academic, lecturer, fitness instructor and presenter, Michelle can now add ‘award-winning author’ to her long list of talents with the launch of her brilliantly frank (and frankly brilliant) – new book Pilates for Better Sex.

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Bend it like Beckham

10 Mar 2016

Usually when I’m heading up a large gravel driveway to a country  barn, I’m dressed in heels and looking forward to a glass of something chilled and bubbly.

Today I’m wearing trainers, leggings and – rather oddly – a pair of shorts to prevent the leggings ending up around my knees, having mistakenly bought two sizes too big thanks to Primark’s inability to match clothes  to hangers!

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