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Muddy reviews: The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon Tour

14 Dec 2016

The hotly-anticipated Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon Tour commences in Brighton this week before heading on a county-wide tour – visiting Norwich’s Theatre Royal on 11-15 April. Debs at Muddy Sussex was lucky enough to review the opening night at Brighton’s Theatre Royal – here’s what she thought:

Once, in Australia, I got chatting to a British expat who had lived Down Under for nearly three decades. She told me that for the first few homesick years she would burst into tears whenever she heard The Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset.

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Did you win?

11 Oct 2016


You entered in the hundreds to win tickets to attend the opening night of the Northern Ballet’s version of Beauty and the Beast at Theatre Royal – and who can blame you!

Entries closed at 5pm yesterday and the answers have now been verified. I can reveal that the winners of a pair of tickets to see Beauty and the Beast on 26 October are (drum roll please…):

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Muddy reviews: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

28 Aug 2016

It’s just a jump to the left… And then a step to the ri ri ri ri right. Put your hands on your hips, then bend your knees in twi-ice… Memories of high school discos come flooding back when I hear The Time Warp (not wishing to give my age away!) – and who didn’t want to be Susan Sarandon singing T t t t t touch me, I want to be dirrrty?

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Muddy reviews: Wild Life, Norwich Playhouse

31 May 2016

For me, performance art can go either way: brilliant and moving or bonkers and a bit, well, meh, which is why I tend to rely on music or singing to put the performance firmly in the ‘brilliant’ category.

But what if there was a hybrid between music and performance art? Now that would be interesting…

Meet Wild Life, a part-performance-part-singing collaboration between Pol Heyvaert of Belgian Arts Centre CAMPO and Kim Noble, featuring 10 singer-songwriters aged between 15 and 22 all hailing from Norfolk.

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Muddy reviews: Tap Factory

25 Mar 2016

My love of tap began when I was seven years’ old. Those white ribboned shoes with their block of shiny steel underneath fascinated me – they were pretty AND they made a noise. A lot of noise. I remember wanting to run down the street in them on the way out of Toys R Us but they were only to be worn indoors, mum said (doubly frustrating as we had carpet everywhere but the kitchen).

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King Charles III at The Theatre Royal, Norwich

10 Feb 2016

It has had West End and Broadway runs, has scooped an Olivier award and now you can see Charles III at the Theatre Royal in Norwich this March. Our very own Debbie from Muddy Sussex caught it during its opening week in Brighton – this is what she has to say about this brilliant political satire (thanks Debbie).

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