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Gardening tips for February

31 Jan 2017

As we turn our backs on January – yay – we can look forward to longer, sunnier days and some time spent in the garden. If you haven’t been brave enough to venture out there yet (I dread to think what the local cats have been doing in mine!), now is the time. With local gardening guru Ellen Mary’s (Quite Contrary’s) help, we will be BBQ ready before we know it.

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Gardening tips for December

1 Dec 2016

I’m sure you’d rather boil your head on a freezing day like today than tackle the weeds in your garden, but there’s nothing like a bit of exercise to get the blood flowing and put some colour in your cheeks. And if you want a beautiful array of colour come spring, now is the time to put the work in.

Luckily, resident gardening guru Ellen Mary isn’t afraid of the cold and is here again to give her gardening tips for December.

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Gardening tips for November

1 Nov 2016

I always seem to be posting gardening tips when my own garden is looking worse for wear – would anybody like to come round and sweep leaves for me (I know, I know, this was meant to be done last month – do I read my own blog, etc, etc)? I’ll make you a cuppa… I have biscuits (the chocolate-ty kind!). No?

OK then, I’ll have to hope that editing Ellen’s tips will get me in the mood for pulling on my wellies and grabbing a rake.

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Gardening tips for September

2 Sep 2016

Autumn is here – can you believe it? – which means a new focus for gardens. Resident gardening guru Ellen Mary gives five gardening tips for September. Take it away Ellen…

1. A great way to save a few pennies in the garden – and grow more of your favourite plants – is to collect seeds from your existing collection and re-sow them. You’ll notice the seed pods on numerous plants at this time of year; simply extract and store in a cool dry place until its time to sow them.

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5 gardening tips for August

1 Aug 2016

With the weather finally perking up, we talk to local gardening guru Ellen Mary about what to prioritise in your garden this month.

1. One of the delights of growing herbs is how hardy they are in different weather conditions. Give them a cut back around now and you should see some new growth before the Autumn; pick what you need to see you through Winter and freeze them.


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5 Gardening Tips for July

28 Jun 2016

If you’re sick of the rain, spare a thought for the poor gardens – hours and hours of deluges have squashed delicate flowers, confused plants and flooded gardens all over Norfolk (and don’t even get me started on the fat slugs that keep nonchalantly appearing on my decking!).

Luckily, we have local gardener extraordinaire Ellen Mary on hand to help. Here, she gives us 5 top tips on what to do in your garden in July.

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Top 5 gardening tips for June

30 May 2016

June is nearly upon us (keep up weather!) and I am delighted to have help with the gardening tips this month – as I’m sure you will have realised from my previous gardening posts, I am Gardner by name but *certainly* not by nature!

So, I am delighted to introduce you to Ellen Mary – gardener, TV presenter and journalist extraordinaire who specialises in nature and wildlife gardening. Having spent many years in the industry, Ellen enjoys enhancing urban and rural spaces for everyone to enjoy, and loves up-cycling, recycling and all things sustainable.

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