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5 ideas for Mother’s Day

14 Mar 2017

She taught you how to tie your shoe laces, baked cakes for your birthdays and wiped the tears away when the first boy hurt you… mum’s are the support system that keeps on giving. Even if you think it’s commercial hooey, Mother’s Day serves to remind us of everything they do for us, and lets us say a hearty ‘thank you’ – even if just for one day.

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Don’t miss: The National Winter Beer Festival

21 Feb 2017

If there was ever an excuse to go and drink beer in the afternoon, it’s the fact that it’s winter – dark, cold, miserable winter. But with spring now just around the corner, the timing of the National Winter Beer Festival – which opens to the public tomorrow – couldn’t be better. Just one last session of mood-enhancing, self-medication to say cheers to spring (and goodbye to winter) before throwing your winter coat in the loft and hopping out to buy flip flops (in theory).

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Don’t miss: Norwich Fashion Week 2017

7 Feb 2017

Blimey doesn’t the year fly by at break-neck speed? My first totter out as Editor of Muddy Stilettos last year was backstage at the Designers’ Show of Norwich Fashion Week 2016, a brilliantly-organised event that is now in its staggering seventh year. It still amazes me that a city the size of Norwich – and one that teeters precariously, and independently, at the top of the county – can make such a splash in the fashion world.

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Alternative, fromage-free ideas for Valentine’s Day

31 Jan 2017

Whether you’re a single pringle, a newly-wed, a seasoned wife or in the throws of a new relationship, there’s plenty going on in Norfolk (and beyond) to mark Valentine’s Day without resorting to the usual commercial cheese-fest. If you’re looking for something a bit less traditional and a bit more fun, here are some alternative Valentine’s ideas that will help you feel the love. Let’s go then, lovers:

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Happy Christmas Norfolk!

23 Dec 2016

Well it’s been a blast this year! Thank you so much for reading Muddy in 2016 – there ain’t no blog without you, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support.

I am now officially, totally knackered, so I’m hanging up the stilettos until the New Year and assuming the foetal position in front of the telly. The Radio Times favourite programmes have been circled, my case of wine has arrived, I’m not moving!

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The ultimate guide to Thanksgiving

21 Nov 2016

For our friends across the pond, this Thursday is one of the most important days in their year – Thanksgiving. It’s bigger than Christmas for many American families, with people coming together from miles to spend the day together.

I don’t know much about this grand tradition – but luckily for us, Muddy contributor Zoe Dudgeon lived in the States for five years when she was growing up and can tell us all we need to know…

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival survival guide

25 Jul 2016

If you’re thinking of heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, STOP. Don’t do anything about it until you’ve read this brilliantly clever round up of hints and tips, do’s and don’ts from our very own Debbie over at Muddy Sussex, who loves the event so much she goes every year. Take it away Debs…

I’m a huge Fringe fan and go every year so I thought I’d share with you my tips for getting the best out of the Fest.

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