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How to write a best-seller

24 Feb 2017

Do you harbour literary ambitions? It seems almost everyone I speak to dreams of being a published author – one friend has put ‘write book’ on her list of new year’s resolutions every year for the last decade, while another has had a file on her computer called ‘Book’ (word count: 0) for as long as she can remember. Making that leap from pipe dream to picking out your dress for your launch party is a tricky business, to put it mildly.

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Top 10 Fiction Books for Christmas

8 Dec 2016

I love a good book, don’t you? Often Christmas and my summer hols are the only time I get to read, and my sister often comes up trumps on the stocking fillers with a decent read.

If you’re looking for a bit of guidance and inspiration, here is the second of the Muddy book guides to help you decide the best tomes for Christmas. As usual we’ve deployed an expert, this time Rachel at The Woodstock Bookshop.

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Top 10 fiction books for Christmas

17 Nov 2016

As the nights draw in and the fires come on, there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book. Affordable, educational and fun, books (the physical kind) also make great Christmas presents, too, creating memories that will last long after the wrapping paper has been torn off and thrown into the recycling. Trawling around independent book shops is also a treat, with great examples in Norwich, Holt, Swaffham and Wymondham to name but a few hotspots.

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Meet Michelle Jermy

18 Oct 2016

Rarely do I meet a woman who has done so much with her life, but then Michelle Jermy is no ordinary woman. Academic, lecturer, fitness instructor and presenter, Michelle can now add ‘award-winning author’ to her long list of talents with the launch of her brilliantly frank (and frankly brilliant) – new book Pilates for Better Sex.

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Hurrah for Gin

15 Oct 2016

Well yes, as well as being the muddy motto, and the mantra of most of the reprobate parents I consider my besties, Katie Kirby’s Hurrah for Gin is a parenting blog worth its weight in, well gin. I shy away from mummy blogs generally: I’m far from capable Louise with her 52 clean and neat, neat and clean children, but Katie has written a parent handbook that can drink others under the table.

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Top 10 chapter books for children

30 Mar 2016

Continuing our celebration of International Children’s Book Day on Saturday, here are the top 10 chapter books for children, courtesy of Muddy Stilettos Surrey.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone JK Rowling

No list of children’s books is complete without Harry Potter. Being among the original Harry Potter generation, I may be a little biased but I’ve seen so many non-readers converted by this wonderful series (including my husband!) J.K.

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