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13 alternative hen ‘do’ ideas

7 Mar 2017

You only have to look at the number of beautiful invitation cards lined up on the bookshelf above my TV to know that wedding season is well and truly upon us. And while Norfolk is rife with Wedding Shows and lovely shops to buy the most expensive frock you will ever own, there is a very little help out there for organising the hen do, particularly if want to avoid getting on a plane – or train.

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Muddy tries: a great kids’ art class

10 Jan 2017

Imagine a place where your kids can be let loose on guillotines, paint, scissors, wire cutters, marker pens and double-sided sellotape while you sit and chat with other parents, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to them (and that they are having the arty time of their lives).

Imagine still a place where the walls can (and should be) written on, where aprons and hot soapy water are provided and where there’s no clearing up to be done afterwards.

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Help Haiti…

25 Oct 2016

Like me, my friend and colleague over at Muddy Sussex has a background in travel journalism. Having visited Haiti a couple of years ago, the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew pulled at Debbie’s heartstrings and she felt compelled to find a way to help. Read her warm post about this beautiful country – and how you too can help – below. Thanks Debbie.

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